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so we don't know the meaning of nonchalant

Snapshots- A Multifandom Reccing Journal
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Reccing journal of moon_destiny.

Her most favorite hobby is reading fanfics all day long, so she thought it was about time she combined it with another love of hers: reccing. She'll rec older stories, newer stories, anything really she can find on the web, and likes.

Even though she can be persnickety at times, as long as the fic makes her feel like crying/laughing/or something she'll rec it. That is to say she won't really be reccing the best fics out there, but the ones she likes to read, which, in some cases, can mean a fic won't be perfect grammatically, but it'll get recced anyways because she might have immense love for it despite its imperfections.

So if you're looking for the best of the best, you aren't really in the right place. But if you feel like browsing through any fics without any expectations other than trying to find something you might not have read, then this is the perfect place for you.

She's a hopeless romantic as well, so that genre might dominate most of her recs, but, every once in awhile, she likes reading the other genres also.

Oh, she also likes to talk about herself in third person. She doesn't really know why.

So sit back and enjoy her attempts at reccing.

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Feel free to friend this journal, if you feel the need. However, membership is closed. This is a community mostly to make it easier to post, but it's mostly thought of as a journal.

Recs are either het, gen, or slash and are TAGGED by fandom, pairing, and the month/year that they were rec'd. They will also be MEMORISED by fandom.

*SPECIAL NOTE: Recs that feature stories that are archived at Fanfiction.Net, will adopt their fiction ratings. For more info, please visit Fictionratings.Com

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